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Working Professionals
We live and work in a modern culture that rewards productivity and often penalizes leisure, rest and renewal. Ironically, by taking time to re-energy and de-stress we actually enjoy greater capacities for focus and productivity. The iMRS is an easy way to automatically build relaxed balance, revitalization, energy and stamina into your day. Sleep better, virtually eliminate jet lag, and come away from every minute session on your mat renewed and invigorated.

Professional, Amateur and Leisure Athletes
The effects of magnetic resonance stimulation are well-known among athletes, particularly in professional high performance sports. Because of the exertion of daily endurance training, top-athletes are far more tuned in to health. Elite athletes are aware of the smallest changes in their bodies. They demand the confidence of knowing their bodies are functioning perfectly as they pursue the highest levels of achievement. Through total body cellular resonance they can have that confidence. Today many world champions, Olympic medalists, amateur and leisure athletes from a variety of sports rely on the optimization of endurance provided by the iMRS Systems by Swiss Bionic Solutions.

Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine
The process of aging is accompanied by lower energy production (in the form of ATP) the compromised ability to repair damaged cells, and the ability to regenerate new cells. The proven effects of pulsating electromagnetic fields include a direct, specific improvement in each of these areas. That means that cartilage breakdown in arthritic joints may progress more slowly, and cartilage cells may demonstrate greater repair with regular and consistent use of the iMRS at home. Digestion and absorption of nutrients may be more complete, and oxygen delivery to the brain, muscles and vital organs may also be enhanced. Any environment that can encourage, support or potentiate such effects in the body must be considered to be beneficial to the overall aging process. Daily sessions on the iMRS ensure that you maximize such effects for cellular regeneration and aging well.

ElectroSmog and Personal Wellness
All of us are under the increasing influence of rapidly expanding, extremely high frequency man-made frequencies. This includes radiofrequencies, microwaves, high voltage transient currents from the electrical wiring in our homes, and high power electrical lines serving our neighborhoods. Conclusive evidence has been published indicating that regular exposure to these man-made frequencies is harmful in profound ways. They may alter DNA, give rise to cancerous tumors, and promote heart disease, diabetes, depression and suicide.

This new form of pollution, called “electrosmog,” is expanding at exponential rates as wireless technologies proliferate at the workplace, in our schools, at restaurants, airports and coffee bars, and at home. The ubiquitous use of the cellular telephone is just one example of the rapid, nearly global adoption of electrosmog-producing technologies.

Most people cannot perceive electrosmog, but over time it can produce inflammation, cellular damage and ultimately the loss of health. It may take years, or even decades, of continuous exposure to produce full-blown disease. While the science is there to clearly demonstrate the detrimental effects, our culture isn’t listening. We are like the gentleman who fell off the 75th floor of the Empire State Building who was heard passing the 30th floor saying to himself: “So far, so good.” The health impact of electrosmog has yet to fully manifest, but it is coming.

One of the most important aspects of health from this point in history forward will be a consideration of toxic environmental loads in the form of electrosmog, and more importantly, how quickly we adopt the means to counteract this “bad environmental energy” with good energy. The paradigm shift needed for such understanding is already underway, and at the center of this paradigm shift are the preventive personal health practices afforded by iMRS technology.

Recognizing the imperative that this technology be used on a daily basis to counteract daily exposures to electrosmog, Swiss Bionic Solutions designed the iMRS for daily use in the home. It is convenient and user friendly. It can be used before work or at bedtime in as little as 16 minutes per day.

iMRS owners all over the world are committed to care for their personal health on a daily basis by restoring the natural cellular resonance that is disrupted by exposure to electrosmog.