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Pulsating Electromagnetic Field Therapy on Dr. OZ Show

Dr. OZ introduces a breakthrough way to heal pain using Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields. Also known as PEMF therapy, this method of healing has been widely used in Switzerland for over 15 years. It's a technology that had been developed for the Russian Space program to help prohibit the bone loss that the cosmonauts suffered when they were in space and away from the earths magnetic fields.

Unlike RF (Radio Wave) radiation that can have a potentially harmful effect on the human body, the magnetic frequencies that are used in PEMF therapy are generally in the Schumann resonance range - from 2 to 60 Hz.These frequencies resemble the earth's natural resonating frequency and are beneficial to the human body. People that suffer from Electrosensitivity disorders often find relief using PEMF. When the low frequencies are pulsed into the nerve and blood cells, they remove the negative effects from the electrosmog.